Summer is here, the long winter is long-gone, and its time to enjoy your outdoor living space. Outdoor all-weather speakers are the most convenient way to bring your favourite music for parties, or relaxing ambient sounds while you are gardening or entertaining guests for dinner, and anything in between. With […]

Outdoor audio season – which style of speaker works ...

inwall speakers with a 720p projector
  This has been the year of discrete home theater  installs – all you see is a mounted tv! We love performing this type of home theater install for our customers, and have setup both projector/screen rooms, as well as mounted flat panel LED, LCD and plasma that have a […]

Discrete electronics and home theater installs – the best way ...

  This post will put an end to using your TV remote to control the ‘Smart’ apps and web features making new TV’s so popular. Lets face it, using a standard remote to do all those things, well, sucks. Some speciality remotes with voice recognition, or a wand shape, try […]

Small, Affordable keyboards – your (small) Smart TV Lifehack

harmony touch remote
We have been selling and setting up Logitech Harmony remotes for 10 years in Canada, and were one of the first adopters of the remotes when they were new to market – both Harmony 880’s we use are still going strong; after a few battery replacements of course.   Of all the different […]

Logitech gets it right with their new Harmony remote lineup

After a nearly ten-year engagement, I finally called things off with Blackberry. I just couldn’t continue in a loveless relationship any longer. As a business owner and installer, I had simply outgrown the platform. Until RIM CEO Thorston Heins gets with the program and releases BBM as an app, but […]

How Android Changed My Business

Pulled from, here is the story. All I have to say is, wifi is the cheapest infrastructure to maintain. Adding AP’s to the tune of $115,00? The fact there are dead spots? This was implemented in 2008…..and just now they are realizing that technology has changed and dead spots […]

Hamilton thinks ‘free’ wifi costs $90,000 annually?

2012 is the year to cut the cord. The trend has been coming for some time now, and I believe this year will be the watershed year of customers leaving their cable and satellite providers. Lately, I haven’t heard or read of much sympathy for the ‘Big 2’ in Canada. […]

HD antennas – Big HD quality, low price

hard drive in a bag
When your hard drive dies, it induces panic. All the photos, emails, important paperwork, music, potentially lost. Most times, forever. Try Googling a solution to a dead HDD. It is a real hot-button for computer users and most times people want answers fast! There is a real ocean of information […]

So, your hard drive died….should you put it on ice?

Your wireless router is destined to become the most important piece of equipment in your life for entertainment, security and information. For some of us, it already is. Some people say they can’t live without their smart phones, but it would be fair to say that most (if not all) […]

Wireless, the new Jack of All Trades

In the last six installs we have completed, every one of them has involved some kind of apple product. How easily I forgot the total saturation the ipod has enjoyed for nearly the last ten years! Talk about a model for success.

the power of Apple