Hamilton thinks ‘free’ wifi costs $90,000 annually?

Pulled from marketnews.ca, here is the story.

All I have to say is, wifi is the cheapest infrastructure to maintain. Adding AP’s to the tune of $115,00? The fact there are dead spots? This was implemented in 2008…..and just now they are realizing that technology has changed and dead spots need to be addressed? Well…no, that’s not the case. From the wifi Hamilton website:
The WiFi project is a pilot designed to provide answers to some key questions such as:
• Can a single WiFi network, shared by key stakeholders, provide each partner with sufficient security and bandwidth to meet their business needs?
• Can a single WiFi network, shared by stakeholders, be deployed at a cost that can be justified by the benefits received?
• Can the excess capacity of a single WiFi network be made available to members of the public?
• Can a single WiFi network provide the public with an easy-to-use service that also provides protection against inappropriate activity?
During the pilot, wireless service will be made available to the public, however, since this is a pilot, WiFi service is not guaranteed to be available at all times.
Even in 2008, the fact that the over $500,000 underground fiber (fiber!) networks were producing dead spots, still had a positive spin from the Hamilton committee report:
Members of the public that were able to access the infrastructure found it very useful and encouraged the continuation of this venture. Public members who were unable to gain access were frustrated but were still positive on the concept of wireless accessibility in the downtown area.
Yet, the cost of maintaining the infrastructure continues at the same $90,000 level (with reduced boundaries)v , even as PoE and other wireless AP price points continue to decline? Especially all-weather hardware? We have installed televisions and home theater in locations in Ajax that have outdoor IP security cameras with visible AP’s on street lights and outdoor standards.
Again and again, each election in Canada and the USA, politicians of all stripes have raised the idea that governments need to be run leaner, and meaner, like businesses. But…businesses account for such things…politicians just can’t seem to grasp the concept. Tiny Tech and ECIS could run and maintain your network for a fraction of the cost…just saying.

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