New Beginnings

Well, all beginnings are new by definition, so as a working title its not the greatest.
However, we are so very happy you are taking time to read this first blog post.

tiny tech has been working for the past year to make as many customer’s visions of their home theatre happen. Calling it ‘home theatre’ isn’t even correct; it’s an industry term we greatly dislike. What matters to you, when you have your television and maybe speakers mounted on the wall, and your items hooked up and working?

“What is my favourite show/movie going to look like?”

“How much better is going to be?”

“How will it fit with my existing habits?”

And overall, isn’t that what everyone wants? At tiny tech, it is what we want too. So, here is what you can expect when you call us:

No electronics snobbery. We aren’t in the business of critiquing what you own. If you would like our opinions on items/brands we are happy to give them. But the point is that if you are happy with what you own, then so are we. Having said that, it also doesn’t mean that everything you own is going to work best with what your plans may be. If it even seems like it may be spotty, intermittent or not going to look or sound good, then we will let you know. In reality, if you are choosing to watch your 20 year old VHS tapes over your new bluray discs and don’t care about the difference, then great. You probably prefer dial-up internet to high speed too, which for most people would be just torture. Can you imagine?

Free consultations. Quoting the prices for jobs is not as straightforward as anyone would like, especially us. There are dozens of variables that can make up any job and we feel best once we better understand them. The next step is understanding what you own or what you are about to buy. We spend hours researching each job and having a round-table discussion to come to the best solution possible. With the correct planning we can have a better handle keeping your job on time and budget. We do our best to accurately budget the hours necessary for each job. (however, unforseen circumstances can’t always be avoided).

The ‘Big Two’ recommendations. We really have two items that we recommend to every customer.
If there were better (honest) salespeople out there we wouldn’t have to, but that’s today’s retail.

We recommend the Logitech Harmony universal remote lineup each and every time. If you already own one, you know exactly what we are talking about. If you don’t, this is your opportunity to get rid of EVERY remote you own. Put them in a drawer somewhere. You won’t need them. We can source, program and maintain any Harmony remote without even having to come to your home. We have been onboard with Logitech since the remotes were brand new and have been trained by the company many times. We love their product and want to put one in everyone’s hands so they can find out for themselves.

The other big ‘reco’ is a decent power bar. Not a powerstrip or trumped-up extension cord.
A good home theatre power-cleaner/conditioner is a great idea – but NOT every time. They can be expensive and for good reason. If your setup warrants it, clean power is a must. If you have a simple television/cable/bluray setup, you probably are in overkill territory if you spend the money on clean power. This of course is only our opinion, but we think it is a sensible approach.

Better than Retail rates. This one’s simple. We don’t charge as much as the big box guys. We will come back to complete a job until it is done to your satisfaction. If you’re within our local area, we will come back to troubleshoot your problems. Brief troubleshoot visits are usually no charge. But, this also means we can source the products for your job and get a better deal than retail pricing. So, to put that in perspective:

We will come to your home, consult for free about what you want and what you could have;
spend the time purchasing it for you at a great deal, deliver it, install it and maintain it.

Deal? Deal.

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