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In the last six installs we have completed, every one of them has involved some kind of apple product. How easily I forgot the total saturation the ipod has enjoyed for nearly the last ten years! Talk about a model for success. Debate the quality of mp3’s all you like – it doesn’t matter much to the average person. And now, the apple networking product is the next big thing. It’s relatively easy to set up, robust and can even control your lights, blinds and thermostats. The big rumour is apple is getting into the install game themselves, and will offer a variant of online security monitoring.


So, next time you are considering streaming music or video, consider the new appletv module. It’s small, full HD and easy to get working, plus you can have multiple devices on the same network. So, one in the upstairs, one downstairs – or like our most recent custom job – one inside and one out. We were able to share the same library between six (!) apple devices and two laptops, with each user able to select the track they wanted in each listening zone, or stream video on the television connected to the appletv module.

apple-tvThe Airport express is the same basic idea but we generally focus on its audio capabilities. You can also use it as a print server, if you want or need one. And, same story, you can have multiple in the same home. The big difference is the airport works as a ‘mesh’ device on your current network – it is there working but you will never see it as a wireless connection. This is great to avoid confusion for those ‘which network was it again?’ moments.

Our next venture is to integrate lighting, blind and thermostat control with an apple iphone or ipad for the on the road customer, vacationers or just any smart Canadian who knows we pay a lot for heat and hydro and monitoring your usage means more money for the family budget. The Lutron controls seem to be the industry leader in this regard, keep watching this space as we may just have a demo video of it very soon.
Have you had any experience with the apple wireless devices talked about here, or maybe the airport extreme or time capsule?

If so, we would love to hear from you!

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