would the real installers please stand up?

When you are in a business that involves being in someone’s home, you learn a lot about someone meeting them face-to-face.
It’s a more honest, natural exchange to have a conversation, or discuss a job versus over the phone.

We always want to meet our customers face-to-face before quoting a price for a few reasons: we can get a better handle on the ‘ins-and-outs” of the home or business, identify any potential roadblocks, find efficiencies, quote accurately; but most importantly – we meet you, and you meet us, face-to-face.

Take a look around at some of the other guys offering installs in the GTA. Some have flashy websites; some are more spartan; some even stick to kijiji and other basic forms of communication (a sticker on the back of a road sign before an on-ramp).

Now look at their photo examples – if they have any. Do some look far too well done to be real? Or are just photos of products that look like they were shot in a studio? Or – our favourite – the aggravated or stressed out person on the phone, or with their hands in the air? We have all seen these types of photos…because they are everywhere!

They aren’t sincere, they really aren’t even honest. When is the last time you got so frustrated with something you bolted upright from the couch, threw you hands in the air and made a face that said “ARRGGHHH”?

We have real photos on our site, from actual jobs for actual people. No stock photos, no photos taken from a manufacturer’s website, no tricks. We are constantly working towards adding to our portfolio so we can show you that we want to earn your trust. No one wants to deal with a fly-by-night operation.
We want to be your provider for trusted, personalized service.

So before you contact us, or if you’re shopping the market, please do take a second and browse our portfolio .

Darryl Cherry

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